Weekend Reading - Commercial Real Estate

Written by Brent Carnduff | October 18, 2019

Happy Friday! This weekend's edition includes:

  • Private Real Estate Investment vs REITs
  • Value of fitness centers to retail
  • Amazon's free 1-day delivery on $1 items
  • Retail to industrial conversions
  • Smaller warehouses vs Mega warehouses

REITs are a 'Dangerous' Hedge, Private Real Estate is More Attractive by John Egan on National Real Estate Investor


Investing privately is less correlated (to the stock market) than the public markets because your investment isn’t moving with the ups and downs of the public markets anymore; your investment is moving with the real estate market, which is a different market.

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New Shopping Center Mix: Live, Work Out, Play by Jennifer Waters on CoStar


Call it the "live, work out and play" model that CoStar economists say is a key element of refashioning shopping centers and malls nationwide. Plop a fitness concept somewhere close to where people live and are fulfilling their daily needs — the most obvious of which is food-related — and they will come.

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Amazon's New Weapon to Crush Competition: $1 Items Delivered for Free - by Tomorrow by Jason Del Ray on recode


As Amazon has grown from an online bookstore into an everything store, it has tackled product category after product category on its way to e-commerce domination.

But there’s an area where Amazon’s growth has been noticeably restrained: low-priced goods where the cost for Amazon to ship them is higher than the price a customer pays for the item.

Until now.

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Where are all the Retail-to-Industrial Conversions? by Erika Morphy on Globe St.


There are a range of reasons why retail-to-industrial conversions remain so nascent, including the difficulty in gaining community acceptance, the location of these projects, which tend to be close to densely populated areas, go-dark prohibitions and building design.

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Smaller Warehouses Register Greater Rent Growth in U.S. than Mega Warehouses by Michael Gerrity on World Property Journal


According to new research from CBRE, even as the growth of e-commerce has lifted the entire industrial & logistics real estate sector, a sweet spot has emerged: warehouses smaller than 120,000 sq. ft.

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