Weekend Reading - Commercial Real Estate

Written by Brent Carnduff | September 27, 2019

This weekend's edition includes:

  • Finding less risk in cities with 'knowledge economies"
  • Lower cap rates for the industrial sector in secondary and tertiary markets
  • The evolution of the suburbs
  • Fractional ownership of clothing
  • The move to multi-tenant investments.


Playing Defense May Define Commercial Real Estate Next Year, Urban Land Institute Finds - by Richard Lawson on CoStar


. . . "there’s a lot of take-your-cash-and-run right now.” But if investors look beyond the traditional acquisition avenues, “you’ll find new value opportunities,” . . .

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Industrial Investors Drive Cap Rates Lower in Secondary and Tertiary Markets by Patricia Kirk on National Real Estate Investor


Going into smaller markets in search of yield, industrial investors are starting to cause cap rate compression in those areas.

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'Hipsturbia': It's What All the Cool Suburbs are Doing and It's a 2020 Trend by Stephanie Vozza on Forbes


As millennials become parents they’re trading in their urban dwellings for a house in the ‘burbs. Migrating out of downtowns isn’t new—kids and suburbs go together—but this generation isn’t ready to give up city life just yet. They’re looking for affordability as well as urban staples like dining, shopping, entertainment and jobs, all within a walkable distance.

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Traditional Retailers are Exploring the Apparel Rental Market by Sandy Smith on Stores


First, they came for CDs and movies. Then for automobiles and hotels. Now, it appears that millennials and Generation Z might be on the verge of changing everything when it comes to apparel.

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Searching for Yield: Multi-Tenant Retail Offers Net Lease Investors Attractive Opportunities by Ryan Roedersheimer on National Real Estate Investor


Multiple tenants can mitigate risk and allow more frequent rent increases for investors.

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