Value Creation System for Brokers

We recognize that our most valuable assets are the relationships and partnerships we develop with brokers, investors, and tenants. To that end, we’ve been very deliberate about creating and documenting our processes for working with our partners. These systems provided for win-win opportunities and pave the way for long-term relationships.

The following is our process for working with our real estate broker partners, we call it the Alturas Value Creation System for Brokers.

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The goal is to provide initial feedback within 48-hours. During this time we seek to: Collaborate on assumptions, market, project background, value-add strategy, etc. to ensure we are on the same page about the project and potential outcomes.

Complete a DCF with initial underwriting and assumptions. Communicate any changes to our timeline. Additionally, the initial or subsequent phone call(s) or email(s) should be acknowledged within 4 hours of receipt.



When deals go sideways, we do not look to the broker’s commission to make a deal or bridge a gap. If a seller is not paying a commission, we take care of it on our side. If there is leasing involved, we also pay leasing commissions.

We are loyal to the broker-partner that brought us the project if they want to stay on and do the leasing. We will also be loyal when it comes time to sell.



Prior to putting a property under contract and during due diligence, we spend a great deal of time consulting with the broker-partner and together we verify and corroborate our assumptions. The broker-partner plays a pivotal role in this collective effort, and while we handle the heavy lifting, the broker-partner is an integral and highly-valued consultant who is involved every step of the way. We find this collaboration creates better outcomes for us and our broker partners.



We need to know that we can count on each other and that both parties will follow through on their commitments. Successful teams are built on foundations of trust, and they become long-term successful partnerships when everyone is adding value and contributing. Our primary goal to add value to your life and business so that we can win together over the long-term.



When the broker-partner is interested, we invite them to invest in the project alongside us as an equal partner. As an investment partner, the broker-partner benefits from the long-term wealth creation that real estate ownership can provide, including cash flow, principal paydown, appreciation and tax depreciation. While we don’t benefit economically from these arrangements, they create great long-term alignment and allows our broker partners to further benefit from their expertise, knowledge and relationships.  


Long-Term Partnerships

We are looking to develop relationships that are built to last and grow over time. This is the most effective and profitable way of doing business for everyone. Real success is derived over the long-term, we are not looking to prioritize short-term gains over long-term benefits. We are building a large portfolio with aligned partners that in turn creates opportunities and growth for all of us over the decades to come.

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