Tenant Spotlight: Follow Up on The Nest

Written by Bennett Williamson | August 23, 2022

The Tenant

With a location in Eagle and another in Meridian, applying the six business tips that The Nest previously offered on the Alturas Capital Partners blog has clearly worked well for the the company.  We recently followed up with The Nest to look back on their history with Alturas Capital Partners.

The Nest, a home lifestyle company located at Eagle Marketplace, serves the Boise and Eagle, Idaho communities. The store offers a wide variety of home furnishings, home décor, accessories and gifts. Marcia Houston, owner of The Nest, said, “Every day is an opportunity to connect with someone in a positive way, to be inspired by people, nature and art. Trek off to new places to find new ‘twigs’ for your NEST.” With a wide variety of unique pieces and eye-catching displays, customers are sure to find something new and unique to add to their home when they visit the store. 


Prior to founding the store in 2003, Houston worked for a larger retail company as a buyer for many years. “Like all professions, it takes a special calling,” Houston said. “I love the connection with customers: studying what they love to buy and add to their lifestyle. All work, whatever it is, requires hard work and is not always fun, so love what you do.”

Houston has been a tenant of Alturas Capital Partners since 2016 when Alturas acquired Eagle Marketplace at 80%+ vacancy. The real estate investment company asked Marcia to move her business to Eagle Marketplace following the acquisition, with plans for TI projects and growth. They predicted that bringing in tenants like The Nest would attract other businesses into the center. Eagle Marketplace is now a full commercial center with other strong tenants like The Nest.


Houston said that one of the reasons the Alturas-Nest partnership works is Alturas Capital Partners’ commitment to tenant success. From tenant improvement projects to timely responses, everything property management does reflects their recognition of the value of the tenants at the shopping center and aims to show appreciation. “From day one, they understood that if we fail, we also fail our tenant neighbors and damage the image of the entire property also,” Houston said. “They are always looking for tenant options that can complement the whole property.”

The success of Alturas Capital Partners is greatly tied to the individuals and businesses that occupy the buildings the company owns. These individuals, their stories and their businesses are critical to the real estate company.

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