Tenant Spotlight: The Nest

Written by Bennett Williamson | April 16, 2021

The Nest is not a new tenant of Alturas, but we could not miss an opportunity to share.

The Nest started in 2003, was founded by Marcia and Jim. Both Marcia and Jim have a retail background in merchandising, buying and operations.

Marcia has much experience in design and business ownership. We talked with her about her business, and what allowed The Nest to flourish even during recent tumultuous times.

"Our Core: We deliver Happy Changes To Everyday Designers."

Our Goals: To create the best workplace environment in Idaho for our employees, so our employees can pay it forward to our customers and friends.

How to Handle Business in this New "Ever Changing World"

  1. Be ready to reinvent yourself every day.
  2. Ask yourself “How fresh and original is our thinking?  We should be coming up with new ways to create the best shopping experience ever!”
  3. What worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow.
  4. Be ready for the next challenge (or major catastrophe). Financially, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.
  5. You may think you are an expert; we are not. Always be open to new inspirations.
  6. Live simply so others can simply live

We could bet that most business owners could learn something from the approach and attitude of The Nest owners and staff. We appreciate their tenancy and look forward to a long-lasting, productive partnership.

You can visit The Nest at Eagle Marketplace on Chinden and Eagle or at the Village Mall in Meridian. They love new visitors!


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