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Written by Brent Carnduff | July 12, 2019

In our effort to stay current on the opportunities, challenges, and trends in the real estate space, we follow or subscribe to almost 100 publications that cover economics, local markets, real estate, and political news. Our goal with this weekly blog post is to share the best of those articles with the commercial real estate industry.

This week:

  • What does the future hold for the Industrial Real Estate Market?
  • Do Opportunity Zones present a real opportunity?
  • Warehouse construction hasn't been able to keep up with demand.
  • CRE properties still continuing price growth.
  • Record 123 months of growth since the Great Depression.

The Future of the Industrial Real Estate Market by Saurabh Mahajan on Deloitte Insights

Over the next few years, macroeconomic factors, tenant needs, last-mile delivery, and rapid technology evolution are likely to reshape demand and warehouse space design.

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Opportunity Zones Boost Real Estate Prices as Investors Rush In by Lydia O'Neal on Bloomberg

Real estate investors are rushing to take advantage of the 2017 tax overhaul’s opportunity zone tax breaks—and may risk shooting themselves in the foot by propping up prices in already-hot urban markets.

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E-commerce Driving Robust Warehouse Construction Market by Kim Slowery on Construction Drive

U.S. warehouse construction, according to a new report from real estate company and research firm CBRE, hasn't been able to keep up with demand during the last four years.

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CRE Property Prices Still Reaching for the Peak by Beth Mattson-Teig on National Real Estate Investor

There are multiple factors contributing to pricing growth, including low interest rates, strong real estate fundamentals and basic supply and demand principles, with abundant capital in the market pursuing commercial real estate investments.

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Real Estate Investors Ride Record U.S. Economic Expansion by Randyl Drummer on CoStar

Commercial real estate investors are among the biggest winners in the U.S. economic expansion, which reaches a record 121 months this week in a recovery from the country's worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. But the milestone comes as transformation slams traditional retailers, technology disrupts office demand and suburbs lose their post-war grip on corporate America.

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