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Written by Brent Carnduff | November 8, 2019

Happy Friday! This weekend's edition includes:

  • The impact of Rent Control
  • Starbucks open "Mobile-only" store
  • Old New England textile mills being restored and put to use
  • People are going to the malls . . .  to eat, not shop
  • The problems with Open Offices

Rent Control Becomes a National Movement on Kidder Mathews


Many economists and CRE experts believe rent control does little to make housing more affordable, and likely will make it more costly for future renters. That’s because rent control acts to remove units from the market and locks in rents at artificial levels.

Ultimately, that results in driving up rents for the remaining available units.

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Starbucks to Open Its First Mobile Pick-up Store by Amelia Lucas on CNBC


The opening of the store comes as the coffee chain tries to address consumers’ desire for convenience.

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Second Act for Shuttered Mills Revitalizes New England Towns by Miranda S. Spivack on The New York Times


Decades after they were shut down, taking thousands of well-paying jobs with them, many of these solidly built structures with open interiors are finding new life. They are being reborn not as manufacturing centers for textiles or machine tools, but as apartments, co-working centers, breweries, doctors’ offices and shops.

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More People are Going to the Mall to Eat at the Food Court, Not Shop by Lauren Thomas on CNBC


“Shoppers say they increasingly go to the mall to eat at the food court or just hangout instead of visiting a big box store,” analyst Jay Sole said. “Since the mall is no longer the place consumers discover fashion, it makes sense the reasons they visit the mall are changing."

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Why Open Offices Aren't Working . . . and How to Fix Them on Harvard Business Review


I’ve seen people trying to replicate the function of the walls they used to have without them. Those walls do serve a function. And in some places, some companies, some office spaces, they’ve gone so far as to build themselves pods, booths, rooms.

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