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Written by Brent Carnduff | December 6, 2019

Happy Friday! Only 18 more shopping days until Christmas. What better time to look at the changing face of retail:

  • An in-store adventure to buy a product online
  • Rental clothes delivered to your hotel room so you don't have to pack
  • Successful malls are becoming a place for people to gather
  • Single-Tenant Net Lease properties are hot
  • Trends we will see continue in CRE into 2020

Canada Good Shoppers Walk on Fake Ice, Real Snow in New 'Store' by Paula Sambo on National Real Estate Investor

There is no product inventory in what the company has dubbed “The Journey,” but visitors can try on the brand’s $1,000 parkas in a snow-filled room that dips down to -12 degrees Celsius (10 degrees Fahrenheit). That comes after “The Crevasse,” which mimics traversing an icy rock face, and then being treated to 4K video walls of Canadian landscapes. The experience ends with an employee, who’s been acting as a personal tour guide, helping the customer shop online via touchscreen

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Rent the Runway Partners with W Hotels So You Can Pack Lighter by Lauren Thomas on CNBC

. . . visitors to these hotels will have the option, upon arrival, to pay a fee and pick four styles from Rent the Runway’s curated selection to wear during their stay. The clothing will take into account the climate and surrounding activities like skiing or hanging by the pool. Rent the Runway will ship the items to W Hotels, where they will be delivered to one’s hotel room. At checkout, the clothes can be left behind in the room.

Rent the Runway will also have “mini closets” stocked with various outfits at the four hotels, in case sizes don’t work, or in case users want to add on additional items during their stay.

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Single-Tenant Net Lease Sales Volume is on Pace for a Record Year by Patricia Kirk on National Real Estate Investor

In a market rife with uncertainty, investors seeking risk-adjusted, recession-proof opportunities continue to be attracted to single-tenant, net-lease assets.

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Unfolding (CRE) Trends that Will Dominate the Next Year by Ericka Morphy on Globe St.

Trends that began to emerge in 2019 will start to make their presence known in the following 12 months - Interest Rates, Office Demand, Tech-Enabling Platforms, Two-Tier Apartment Market, and Opportunity Zones.

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