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Written by Brent Carnduff | December 13, 2019

Happy Friday! This weekend's reading includes:

  • The impact of retail bankruptcies on warehouses.
  • Good news for malls?
  • Are bookstores making a comeback?
  • Boise . . . the next Silicon Valley?
  • Utah's among fastest growing states.

Will Retailer Bankruptcies Have a Negative Impact on the Warehouse Sector? by Sebatian Obando on National Real Estate Investor


"The situation raised the question of whether the troubles in the retail sector might cause some serious damage on the industrial side as well, as downsizing and disappearing retailers abandon their warehouses."

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Teens Could be a Saving Grace for Malls by Diana Olick on CNBC


“They are huge fans of what’s known as click and collect, meaning they click online, and they like to pick it up in the store so they can get the tangible experience, they can get the social experience, and then the key is that they are buying more. People buy up to 70% more goods when they walk back into the store, than if they just buy it online”

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An Indie Bookstore Opens in the Glittering 900 North Michigan Mall. So are Bookstores Back? by Christopher Borrelli on the Chicago Tribune


As a fan of strolling the isles of bookshelves and finding my next favorite read at bookstores, I was really excited by this headline! 

"Local bookstores, beset by Amazon and Borders and Barnes & Noble and the digital drift of history, began to look very 20th century. But then, a surprise: The big-box giants faded and independent bookshops exploded back into neighborhoods . . ."

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Boise Set Out to Become the Next Austin or Seattle. Instead, It's on Track to Become the Next Silicon Valley by Emily Canal on Inc.


Idaho's capital city has long been a hip and attractive place, given its rich music scene and proximity to nature. But it has routinely been ignored in favor of its cooler, and bigger, regional siblings, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Today, though, Boise is luring talent from those northwestern giants and other costly coastal competitors, attracting entrepreneurs with a newly thriving business scene and a good quality of life.

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Utah Ranks Among the Fastest Growing States in the Nation. Here's Why. by Brenda Richardson on Forbes


A growing population generally means more jobs, a growing economy, and a good investment market!

The Beehive State ranks among the fastest-growing states in the nation, with a 1.9 percent growth in population from 2017 to 2018 and is the youngest state in the nation with a median age of 30.5 years. In addition, Utah is ranked No. 1 for total job growth in the nation at 3.6%.

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