Tenant Spotlight: Castle Biosciences

Written by Bennett Williamson | November 9, 2020

Great tenants are the foundation of our business. Occasionally we like to highlight some of the amazing businesses that we are fortunate to work with.Today we would like to focus on Castle Biosciences. Castle occupies 25,000 total sq ft at Siete Square I & II Phoenix, AZ. We began working with Castle Biosciences when we acquired Siete Square I in June of 2017 https://alturascapital.com/alturas-capital-acquires-office-building-in-phoenix/. Camilla ZuckeroDirector-Investor Relations at Castle Biosciences, explained their core business as follows: 

Castle Biosciences develops and commercializes diagnostic and prognostic tests for dermatologic cancers. Our tests provide clinically actionable, tumor-specific genomic information to enable more accurate treatment plan decisions. We believe that incorporating personalized genomic information into treatment planning for dermatologic cancers provides important benefit over and above clinical and pathologic factors alone.  

Our DecisionDx family of non-invasive tests provides an assessment of a patient’s specific risk of metastasis or recurrence of their cancer, enabling more informed decisions about their treatment plans. Our test for invasive cutaneous melanoma, DecisionDx®-Melanoma, is a gene expression profile, or GEP, test that predicts a patient’s risk of metastasis or recurrence as well as sentinel lymph node positivity. DecisionDx®-SCC is our GEP test that predicts the risk of metastasis for patients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma who have one or more risk factors. DecisionDx®-UM is our GEP test that predicts the risk of metastasis for patients with uveal melanoma, a rare eye cancer.  

We also have active development programs for tests in several other dermatologic cancers with high clinical need. The most advanced program is focused on patients with a difficult-to-diagnose pigmented lesion. 

Castle Biosciences is a good example of our tenant-focused approach. Since we acquired Siete I, they have expanded within that building by approximately 3,000 SF. As their business has continued to grow, they inquired about leasing additional space at Siete II. This summer, they have expanded into an additional 11,000 SF in that building.  We look forward to years of continued growth as we strive to accommodate their real estate needs in the years to come.  

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