Tenant Spotlight: BLVSH Salon

Written by Bennett Williamson | November 19, 2021

Alturas is pleased to welcome this beautiful new salon, BLVSH Salon, to Parkway Plaza in Idaho Falls. They did an amazing job with their space by creating a clean, calm and contemporary atmosphere that exudes relaxation and welcomeness.

We got to speak to Whitney Tanner-Pond to learn more about BLVSH Salon.

Whitney said, “For many people, getting your hair done is a special kind of treat. Whether they have been saving up for months to finally get their dream color, to fixing a haircut that just didn’t fit their style or even extensions to create a complete transformation; let’s face it, our hair is important. That’s the purpose of what we we do here at BLVSH Salon. We want someone to feel excitement and comfort the moment they walk in the door, we want people to feel that our crew of stylist are a family unit and that they are welcomed into that family when they trust us to take care of them, but most important we want them to feel like they are in a safe space to find release all of life's burdens. Your hair is an extension of your personality, and we are creating a space for you to be creative, in style, and 100% your authentic self.

Whitney’s passion for hair, her clients, the BLVSH Team and creating a salon “get-away” for her clients will have anyone feeling the need to make an appointment for the experience they provide.

Congratulations, Whitney and Team, on making your dreams come reality and on your recent Grand Opening. We are honored to have you as our newest Tenant Partner.

Welcome to the Alturas Family!

BLVSH Salon is located at Parkway Plaza, 260 South Woodruff Avenue
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401.

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