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Written by Brent Carnduff | August 2, 2019

In our effort to stay current on the opportunities, challenges, and trends in the real estate space, we follow or subscribe to almost 100 publications that cover economics, local markets, real estate, and political news. Our goal with this weekly blog post is to share the best of those articles with the commercial real estate industry.

This week:

  • How will Fed's interest rate cut affect CRE?
  • Phoenix struggles to keep up with demand for office space.
  • Retailers experimenting with in-store mini distribution centers.
  • A Recession is coming . . . eventually.
  • Apartment developers expanding to Suburbs

The Fed's Interest Rate Cut Could Boost Industrial Sales. Or Disrupt Them. by Patricia Kirk on National Real Estate Investor

While the rate cut will lower hedging and borrowing costs, it can also drive values even higher in an already highly valued sector.

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Developers in Phoenix Attempt to Keep Up with Office Demand Fueled by Job Growth by Jessica Morin on CoStar

The Phoenix office vacancy rate dropped to the lowest in 12 years, thanks to robust job growth that is fueling demand for office space.

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Retailers Experiment with Mini Distribution Centers in Their Stores by Sebastian Obando on National Real Estate Investor

An increasing number of retailers are experimenting with mini distribution centers in their bricks-and-mortar locations to leverage existing physical footprints and dodge record high prices in the industrial sector.

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A Recession is Coming (Eventually). Here's Where You'll See it First. by Ben Casselman on The New York Times

Economists don’t know when the decade-long expansion, now the longest in American history, will end. But here are the indicators they will be watching to figure it out.

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Apartment Developers Continue to Bet on Suburban Garden-Style Projects by Bendix Anderson on National Real Estate Investor

With many prime suburbs restricting high-rise construction, garden-style apartment complexes remain popular.

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