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Written by Brent Carnduff | January 10, 2020

Happy Friday! Wondering what to expect from the CRE industry in 2020? This is the article for you! This week 2020:

  • CRE Opportunities
  • Retail trends
  • Office market predictions
  • Industrial market predictions
  • Mulitfamily yields

2020 Real Estate Opportunities You Should Consider Now by Al Brooks on Commercial Observer

In short, it’s an especially favorable market for CRE investors, supported by the Fed’s recent interest rate cuts and a sub-4 percent unemployment rate.

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10 Retail Trends to Watch in 2020 by Kaarin Vembar, Ben Unglesbee, Cara Salpini, and Daphne Howland on Retail Dive

. . . in retail, things are complicated, swiftly changing and sometimes contradictory.

The U.S. consumer, for example, seems confident, yet remains picky. Stores need e-commerce, yet e-commerce needs stores. It's complicating the business from merchandising to fulfillment, shaking up the c-suite, and landing ill-prepared or debt-heavy retailers in the financial dust.

That 2020 is an election year will only make an already complex environment more bewildering.

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Six Predictions for the Office Sector in 2020 by Patricia Kirk on National Real Estate Investor

Continued strong demand for office space should keep this property sector stable in 2020. However, the sector will continue to experience disruption from proptech innovations, the growth of flex office space, new product deliveries and worries about a potential recession.

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Eight Predictions for the Industrial Sector in 2020 by Patricia Kirk on National Real Estate Investor

New project deliveries, continued cannabis legalization, a decline in manufacturing, faster e-commerce deliveries and the upcoming presidential election will all have an impact on the U.S. industrial sector in 2020.

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Expect Yields on Multifamily Investments to Tighten Further by Bendix Anderson on National Real Estate Investor

Although 2020 faces its fair share of uncertainty with worries of a potential recession, a volatile geopolitical picture and ongoing trade wars, investors looking for low-risk returns could still flock to the sector.

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