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Written by Brent Carnduff | May 31, 2019

In our effort to stay current on the opportunities, challenges, and trends in the real estate space, we follow or subscribe to almost 100 publications that cover economics, local markets, real estate, and political news. Our goal with this weekly blog post is to share the best of those articles with the commercial real estate industry.

Peril and Promise in Lending to Retailers: How Banks View Risk in Retail by Andy Peters on American Banker

Memo to banks: Brick-and-mortar retail isn’t dead yet. Though the trend of retailers closing stores in the face of stiff competition from e-merchants is troubling to banks that hold loans on those properties, it would be a mistake to conclude that all retail loans are risky. So which ones are the safest and, potentially, the scariest?

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Why Pop-Up Warehousing is the Way Forward for Retail's Final-Mile Delivery by Gregory Healy on Colliers International

(O)nline shopping has also changed consumer expectations for how and when they will receive their items. With seemingly endless competition to choose from online, customers expect goods to be delivered quickly to their homes and offices, often within a day or two of their initial order, which impacts purchasing decisions.

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Four Ways Food Will Change Retail Real Estate by Melina Cordero on CSA

Convenience will rapidly become a leading factor in consumers’ F&B choices; densifying suburbs will emerge as the hottest F&B destination; and grocery-delivery service will dramatically revamp the cold-storage industry.

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Sear's Seven Decades of Self-Destruction by Geoff Colvin and Phil Wahba on Fortune

Sears’ bankruptcy filing last year sparked torrents of criticism for its current leaders. But the problems that brought down this former Fortune 500 stalwart date way back to the Eisenhower era. Here’s what leaders can learn from an icon’s slow-motion collapse.

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As Boise Booms, a City Faces the Curse of 'Californication' by Patrick Sisson on Curbed

In the fast-growing Idaho city, residents grapple with challenges of growth and new arrivals.

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