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Written by Brent Carnduff | June 21, 2019

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This week:

  • Investors shifting focus to Tier 2 cities.
  • Young people with disposable income are choosing to rent everything rather than purchase.
  • Cold-storage warehouses poised for strong growth.
  • Retailers seek to create trend-setting, in-store experiences.
  • Millennials and Gen-Zers are choosing walking or riding over driving - creating demand for walkable urban areas.

Why Tier 2 Cities Have Real Estate Buyers' Attention by Evan Gentry on Forbes

Investors exploring Memphis, Phoenix or Salt Lake City, among other cities in the Tier 2 real estate market, can earn strong returns by developing or purchasing and re-positioning older properties.

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Retailers Step Up as More Shoppers Opt to Rent Rather than Buy by Edmund Mander on ICSC

The notion of renting rather than buying used to be viewed as an option for the low-income consumer — but no longer. Younger people with disposable income are choosing to rent everything from clothing to coffee tables to Dyson vacuum cleaners.

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Online Grocery Sales Drive Massive Demand for Cold Storage Development in U.S. by Michael Gerrity on World Property Journal

According to a new report from CBRE, the growth of online grocery sales has the U.S. market for cold-storage warehouses poised for strong growth, potentially creating demand for up to 100 million sq. ft. of industrial cold-storage space over the next five years.

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Embracing Experiential Retail Amid an Increasingly E-commerce Minded World by Joseph Scaretta on Chain Store Age (CSA)

New retailers have found a viable place for themselves by exploiting an area of brick-and-mortar sales that virtual platforms simply can’t compete with—experiential retail. In an experiential model, retailers seek to create trend-setting, in-store experiences to create an individual and unique brand identity that appeals to customers.

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How Walkable Urbanism is Changing CRE by Therese Fitzgerald on Commercial Property Executive

Millennials and Gen-Zers choose walking or riding over driving, and the industry is responding. In the driveable suburban era, we basically were focused on property management―maybe asset management. But in this new era what we are finding is place management of, for example, Times Square.

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