Tenant Spotlight: Gather

Written by Salma Diaz | July 25, 2023

Innovating the Funeral Service Industry with Joyful Solutions 

The Tenant 

Introducing Gather, an innovative technology business revolutionizing the funeral service industry with its world-class solutions, designed to bring joy and comfort to consumers during challenging times. Located in Cottonwood Plaza, Gather has been dedicated to serving funeral service professionals for over 11 years, profoundly impacting families across the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Trinidad and Tobago. 


Gather’s core offerings include cutting-edge products tailored to funeral directors’ unique needs. Their Funeral Management Software streamlines processes, providing funeral home directors with an unmatched toolset to elevate their services. With the Keep TrackTM Body Tracking System, Gather ensures precision and efficiency, maintaining respect for the departed and their families. 

Gather recognizes the importance of digital presence and showcases the uniqueness of funeral homes through its Custom Funeral Home website while providing a seamless user experience. The Funeral Live Streaming service also allows distant loved ones to participate in the farewell, fostering connection during separation. 

Their commitment to preserving memories at Gather goes beyond business—it’s a mission. Their Remember Page, a touching tribute to loved ones, has become a cherished platform for over 300,000 unique families. With an average of over 300,000 monthly visitors, friends and family can contribute heartfelt memories and upload pictures and videos, ensuring that the legacies of their loved ones will be cherished for generations to come. 

Gather’s passion for their work stems from their firm belief that supporting families through loss is one of the noblest professions. Chase Downs, Gather’s Demand Generation Specialist, echoes their dedication to this cause and shares invaluable insights for operating a business in this sensitive industry. 

According to Downs, three pillars guide their success in the funeral service industry: 

  • boldness in questioning norms and embracing new ideas 
  • actively seeking customer feedback to improve their offerings continually 
  • nurturing positive and collaborative company culture 

This dedication to cultivating a supportive workplace extends to their customers, ensuring an exceptional experience for everyone they serve. 


In May 2022, Gather began its partnership with Alturas Capital Partners, securing a lease at Cottonwood Plaza. Gather’s team strategically selected the location to create a nurturing environment for its growing team, fueling its ongoing success. Gather’s spacious workspace, featuring a unique office backyard and enhanced interior design, fosters unity and collaboration among diverse roles while providing a dedicated team bonding space. Moreover, the office’s centralized location ensures convenience for team members and clients, enhancing Gather’s services. 

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