Alturas Real Estate Fund Purchases Building for Remodel

Written by Travis Barney | August 12, 2019

Fruitland, ID - August 7, 2019

The Property

The Alturas Real Estate Fund purchased 2206 N. Whitley Dr. in Fruitland, Idaho (a town on the western edge of the Boise metro area).  

The building - formerly a furniture store - will undergo extensive remodeling and will be converted to a 16,000 SF call center.

The Brokers

Sherry was able to create an immense amount of value for her tenant-client by identifying this non-traditional space and coming up with a vision to redevelop it. In a competitive marketplace, this is how great brokers create value for their clients and we are happy to be able to support our broker-partners in these efforts. 

Norm Brown of Mark Bottles Real Estate Services represented the seller. 

If you know of a similar project that we should consider, please reach out to or Additionally you can download our acquisition criteria below:

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