Alturas Capital Invited to Present at Industry Leading Event

Written by admin | April 13, 2015

Blake Hansen, Alturas Capital's Managing Partner,  recently presented at the SBRE Investment Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona held on April 9-11, 2015 and put on by Fairway America. The invitation only event drew hundreds of accredited investors and others seeking an education in the small balance real estate investment space.

“Matt Burk and the Fairway team have put together a world-class event, focused on this emerging sector of real estate investing. Held in Scottsdale, Arizona, the event featured seasoned fund managers, and included a day long educational seminar put on by Matt Burk of Fairway America and his team. During this seminar, investors learned the ins and outs of investing in real estate and real estate funds, how to screen fund managers, expected returns, risks and emerging trends within the real estate investment space.

In total, 14 fund managers from across the country presented. They include Voyager, Fairway America and Pathfinder, among others. These fund managers, including Blake Hansen, managing partner at Alturas, presented their investment opportunities to the audience, showcasing the variety of investment options available to passive real estate investors.

Managers came from around the country including; Los Angeles, Dallas, New York City, Portland, Boise and Kansas City. Each has a unique strategy for investing, from multi-family, notes, mini-storage, residential and commercial value-add, and other strategies.

“We recognize the privilege to be included by Fairway America in this one-of-a-kind event, validating us as one of the elite fund managers in the country. The caliber of investor and fund manager speaks to Fairway’s leadership, and ability to attract only the best. The event was a huge success.”

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