Why Alturas Capital Partners

We adhere to a well-defined investment philosophy that has guided us since our inception. Our unwavering commitment to these principles has consistently delivered value to our investors, and we are confident that they will continue to create opportunities for all of us. 


We embrace uncertainty. Rather than following the crowd, we actively seek out opportunities that others may overlook or undervalue. Our opportunistic approach allows us to capitalize on market inefficiencies and discover hidden gems in an ever-changing landscape.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is at the core of our investment strategy. We recognize its importance in providing a solid foundation for our portfolio. By prioritizing investments with strong cash flow potential, we aim to generate steady income streams and ensure resilience during market fluctuations. This approach allows us to make informed decisions with a focus on long-term sustainability, providing our partners with consistent returns. 


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Long-Term Perspective

We believe that successful investing requires patience and discipline. Long-term success requires strict adherence to conservative standards and a thorough analysis of each opportunity. We understand the difference between speculating and investing and focus our efforts on long-term outcomes that align in the interest of our partners, promoting a partnership built on trust and shared success. 


We strive to create alignment with brokers, tenants, investors, and employee partners. Through these partnerships we can find and acquire the best assets, operate them at their highest potential, and maximize their value. We aim to create win-win opportunities and long-lasting partnerships. 

Boise, Idaho

Growth Markets

We have strategically chosen to invest in the growth markets of the Inland Northwest and Intermountain West. These markets have been resilient, with continued population growth and business growth which bodes well for our real estate assets.


Diversification is a key element in managing risk and maximizing opportunities. We are deliberate about the markets and asset classes we are invested in. This allows us to reduce exposure to individual market volatilities, enhance the potential for overall growth, and acquire assets when it is most advantageous for our partners. 

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