Investing In Growth Markets

Our investment philosophy focuses on identifying markets with strong growth potential, thriving economies, and vibrant communities. Explore the following markets where we are actively engaged.


Economic opportunities have driven individuals and employers to the Treasure Valley over the last decade. This, coupled with relative affordability, has allowed Boise to become one of the nation’s most attractive markets.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs’ robust economy and growing population have contributed to the market’s success as an ideal investment destination. A hub for prominent employers in defense, healthcare, and tourism, Colorado Springs has fostered a stable economic landscape with long-term upside potential.


Strong population growth over the past decade coupled with relative affordability and job prospects have attracted us to the Phoenix market. The market’s large educational institutions and colleges are a contributing factor in bringing in businesses and people to the area.

Salt Lake City

The unique combination of natural and economic resources continues to attract businesses and people to the Salt Lake Valley. The city’s resilient economy has continued to outperform national benchmarks over the past decade, while Utah saw the fastest population growth during that period.


Over the last decade, Spokane has been among the country’s fastest-growing markets, reporting strong population growth. This growth in recent years and the draw of the Pacific Northwest further contributes to the city’s growth potential.


The vibrant economy, robust job market, appealing lifestyle, and stunning natural surroundings contribute to Denver’s steady population growth. Noteworthy affordability, average wages, and overall quality of life make Denver an attractive destination for continued investment.

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